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Photographic memories

10 Feb

Almost two months ago I left France and came back to a life I had temporarily put on hold only to be thrust back into it at full speed.  I can’t really describe the transition as anything else except “reverse culture shock” as the study abroad office had predicted and warned us about.  Confusion and a little numbness to the stressful and hurried American lifestyle dominated until I slowly merged back onto the highway I had left for a few months in order to explore the dirt roads and Medieval city streets of southern France.

Where was the amazing wine?  The non-pasteurized cheese?  The delicious, crusty, fresh-baked bread?  The palm trees?  The cafés?  The manifestations that would shut down our university?  The day-trips to centuries-old castles?  They were replaced with snow, concrete jungles, and fast food.

Being back in the states, back to the American way of life, back to the grind of college classes, homework, studying, tests, applications–the list goes on–I find myself looking back on my blog posts and more often pictures of my months abroad, and I can’t help but remember all the great times I had and be grateful for this fantastic experience.  My time abroad definitely (and, for me, a little surprisingly) made me appreciate even more what we have in the U.S. and the amazing opportunities we have here as well as the tiny, minute details of our society that we take for granted.  However, although I’m happier now to be living in the U.S., I’ll always hold my three and a half months as a European near and dear to my heart.

Maybe as a way for me to keep that experience alive and to make sure I don’t forget any of it as life rushes on, I’ll be posting occasionally some of my favorite pictures from abroad (and if I’m lucky, I’ll remember and add some of the anecdotes with them that have not yet been shared).

Here begins my attempt to reverse that “reverse culture shock” and to not forget the beautiful world I lived in for a sheer blink of an eye, a mere flash of the camera.