Day of rest

7 Mar

So, I’ve been busy.  I don’t think I have the best timing ever, because I always seem to start things right before I get a rush of things to do.  Example, joining the local gym to get back in shape, but joining right before getting slated as president, starting the Northwestern cycle of endless midterms, and starting props work on a roommate’s theater show.  Not the best time to try to inspire myself to take time to go to the gym every day.  Also not the best time to try to take the time to sit, relax, reflect, and write on my blog.  Perhaps my childhood blonde roots are showing through.

And perhaps I am now procrastinating studying for my final in Human Sexuality tomorrow (yes, the Northwestern psychology Human Sexuality class, and yes, I did see it).  But only perhaps.

Well, it’s Sunday, so maybe my first reminiscing post shall be of one of my favorite European sites–churches.  God knows I have visited hundreds–seemingly, thousands–of churches, cathedrals, basilicas, abbeys, monasteries in my life.  At the time, I used to whine whenever my parents would drag my ten year-old self to Notre Dame de __(insert city name)__, but God knows I love them too.  The grandeur, the magnificence, the art, the architecture, the stained glass–the stained glass! my favorite–the façades, the life of these places.  I am far from a religious person, but I can appreciate and find my “religion” in the power of these buildings (perhaps it is even because I am not religious that I find these places so absorbing).

Whether in ruin, a tourist trap, or a traditional corner church in a remote village, I will never lose my interest and fascination for them.

One of my favorite things, and the first thing I do upon entering a church, is to take pictures of and study the naves:

And the light, no matter if it is from a chandelier or streaming in through stained glass, it breathes life into the vast, stone, otherwise somber sanctuary:

Peace, love, and cathedrals.

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