Neighbor with the trees

14 Mar

As I get ready to wear in my hiking boots, fill up my pack, and head out to the Grand Canyon for spring break, I took a particular liking to this poem that I came across in my book last night.  As if the opportunity for camping, hiking, rafting, camp food, camp games (ninja–Foley ’10), and amazing scenery wasn’t enough, I know that this experience will mean a lot.  Consider this trip a warm-up to my (hopefully) summer at a national park and score one for “earthy crunchy (dirty) hippie“.

The Out-Doors Man

He must come back a better man,

Beneath the summer bronze and tan,

Who turns his back on city strife

To neighbor with the trees;

He must be stronger for the fight

And see with clearer eye the right,

Who fares beneath the open sky

And welcomes every breeze.

– –

The man who loves all living things

Enough to go where Nature flings

Her glories everywhere about,

And dwell with them awhile,

Must be, when he comes back once more,

A little better than before,

A little surer of his faith

And readier to smile.

– –

He never can be wholly bad

Who seeks the sunshine and is glad

To hear a songbird’s melody

Or wade a laughing stream;

Nor worse than when he went away

Will he return at close of day

Who’s chummed with happy birds and trees and taken time to dream.

–Edgar A. Guest

Wild Wild West

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