13 May

As midterm season (and finals) is in full swing, registration for fall quarter is forcing me to look far ahead, Chi Omega is seemingly at its busiest time of the year, I’m trying to plan my DC internship, and summer is taunting us in Chicago, I can’t help but force myself to have some perspective on things.  When life gets crazy, sometimes you just need to slow the hundreds of miles per hour you seem to be running at, stop your racing mind, and just focus in on one thing at a time.  Hard to do when there are a million things to get done, a million things to be thinking about.  But nevertheless, completely necessary.  Even with only three classes this quarter–all Art History courses–the piles (imaginary, of course, unless electronic PDF files can stack themselves) of readings and papers on top of everything else is overwhelming.  But like I said, all you need is a little focus and a little perspective.  And it sure doesn’t hurt to take time to think about the things that make you happy–whether it’s something you’ve accomplished, something you’ve seen, or someone you know.

So, for this installment of my photographic journal, I’ll be looking back at some perspective images as well as one photo that makes me happy no matter what–especially appropriate considering it was Mother’s Day on Sunday, and I was lucky enough to spend it with my parents in Evanston.  Consider my lucky stars counted.

These close-up photographs remind me to ignore all the craziness in life, take a second to really focus in on something, and just breathe.  It’s all relative.

Thank you, Antoni Gaudí, for some amazing tile work and such detailed buildings.  With his architecture and all the craziness going on, you can’t help but force yourself to pick it apart piece by piece.  But perspective isn’t just zooming in to the smallest parts of something, it’s how you choose to look at it.  It’s what outlook you take.

And the picture that will always make me feel better: the drawing I made of my mom’s wedding photo.  When I took Intro to Drawing my senior year of high school, I expected to learn a lot and to have a chance to practice more.  However, when I chose this photo of my mom on her wedding day for my final project, I was terrified that I wouldn’t do it justice.  It’s not perfect, but I’m happy with my finished product.  The time I spent, all the hard work that I put into it, and the look on my mom’s face when I surprised her with it make it one of my all-time favorite works.

One Response to “Perspective.”

  1. nancy lukens May 15, 2011 at 9:59 pm #

    love the photos, the writing and the sketch you made of me…and I love YOU.

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