About Me


After years of studying French and dreaming of studying abroad, the time has finally come and I’m headed over the big pond.  Montpellier will become my home for the fall semester, and I am extremely excited/nervous/anxious/psyched to be going.  I know my French skills will be put to the test, and improving doesn’t really seem to be optional as I’ll be completely immersed in the language.  Hopefully this stay will bring some unexpected and exciting adventures and experiences, and here I hope to share as much as I can of that with all of my family and friends!

I will try to update this as often as I can, but feel free to email and/or skype me as well!  I’m sure getting a friendly note will be much appreciated in the weeks to come–and write to me about anything at all, I don’t care if it’s about buying groceries, I’ll love it!  However, that being said, updates on college football wouldn’t be totally undesirable.

A bientôt!



Back in the States, back to college, back to the “real world” [whatever that may be].  Continuing my blog will be a sporadic and random process, but stick with me for some “deep” thoughts, interesting photos, or just some quirky/funny posts of Claire being Claire. 

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