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Wait, I leave tomorrow??

1 Sep

Well, it’s finally here, and I am a bit in denial.  After all of the applications, dealing with the embassy, getting my visa, filling out paperwork, etc., it’s finally time to go.  I’m not sure that it has completely hit me yet, but I’m confident that very soon I will be on a plane over the Atlantic having a minor freak-out.

We (team Lukens) just finished packing, and by packing, I mean begrudgingly weeding out my pile of clothes until I had a sensible (ish) amount of clothes packed.  It was difficult and there was a lot of fussing on my end, but we made it through and under the weight limit.  With everything packed and (mostly) ready to go, I have a morning of second-guessing/anxiety/excitement/repacking to look forward to, and then it’s off to the airport for a day of flying!

So, the plan for the hours of traveling is finishing Harry Potter 7, brushing up (and by brushing up, I mean frantically reviewing and relearning) on my French, and relaxing to my iPod as long as the charge will allow me my music.  Let’s hope the movies are good, the food is edible, and the screaming babies are kept to a minimum.

After a summer at camp with children, two weeks of being home with pneumonia, and months of planning for this trip, I am ready to go!

Cheers and adieu!